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Buy Xbox Live Gold 1 month subscription

With a month Live Gold subscription, you become a full-fledged Gold status owner. Live Gold 1 month code will allow you to re-subscribe or renew an existing subscription.

With a month’s Live Gold subscription, Xbox 360 or Xbox One console owners get all the benefits of Gold status. Gold status is available for all users EU/US and other countries.Even with a month’s subscription, you will have access to a world of unforgettable entertainment and incredible opportunities. Join now!

Шикарные возможности в мире незабываемых развлечений доступны всем подписчикам Xbox Live Gold, оформившим абонемент на 1 месяц. Станьте участником уже сегодня!

Gold Status implies many different advantages. In addition to access to the most popular games, owners of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles receive:

  • Discounts. You can save up to 75% in the Microsoft store and afford to have fun without restrictions.
  • Multiplayer access. Play online with your friends or meet new players from different cities and countries.
  • Free games. Get up to 4 games as a gift every month for free.
  • How activate Xbox Live Gold

      How to activate on Xbox One:

    • Sign in to the Xbox One where you want to redeem the code.
    • Press the Xbox button to open the guide, then select Home.
    • Scroll right and select the Store tab.
    • Select Redeem Code.
    • Enter the 25-digit code, then follow the instructions on the screen. Do not type dash, they will be entered automatically.

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