Xbox Live Gold Subscription

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Buy Xbox Live Gold subscription

With Xbox Live Gold, you can sign up for or renew your existing Xbox Live subscription.

Xbox Live Gold cards are suitable for Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.

You can activate Gold status in any account registered in the country where Xbox Live is available. Countries and regions where this option is available can be viewed here Xbox Live Countries.

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Xbox Live Gold Subscription capabilities

  • Multiplayer access to games online
  • The main advantage of an Xbox Live Gold subscription is multiplayer games over the Internet. You can enjoy popular shooters, arcades, simulators online not only with friends, but also with other users from different cities and countries. With unique Gold Status, you can have fun with gamers around the world, playing different games, such as Forza Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves, Destiny 2, and others on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

  • Free games
  • The second advantage of an Xbox Live Gold subscription is the ability to receive up to 4 free games every month. Microsoft is constantly expanding its horizons and encouraging Xbox Live Gold subscription owners. After installation, the free game is permanently saved on the user’s device, but if you don’t activate it in the allotted time, the possibility of free installation will be lost.

    Bonus games are available to Xbox One and Xbox 360 console owners. Xbox 360 console owners will have access to free games even after the subscription is over. But for Xbox One users access will be closed after the subscription is over.

    Also, every month, on special days, Microsoft allows Gold status users to download many popular games for free. Any user with an Xbox Live Gold card can download and try any game and then purchase it at an impressive discount.

  • Discounts on games
  • Exclusive discounts on digital versions of games are provided to all users with Gold status. This saves up to 50-75% on games, add-ons, and other products in the Microsoft store. A list of available discounts can be viewed on the official website at any convenient time. The discount list for Xbox Live Gold members changes weekly.

    Thanks to constant updates, each user can get a discount on the game they like. Discounts often apply even to the most popular and expensive games.