Razer Gold $25
Razer Gold is a prepaid dollar card whose balance can be used in online games.
Razer Gold payment card for the Others(Global) region.

Razer Gold $25


Buy Razer Gold $25

With a $25 prepaid Razer Gold card, you can buy any games from a large collection. The catalog contains more than 2000 different games and apps.

Every purchase with a Razer card will bring you bonuses in the Razer Silver loyalty program.

With the Razer Silver loyalty program, you will receive 5% cashback from each purchase to your bonus account.

The list of games where can be redeemed can be viewed by link .

How activate Razer Gold

  • Go to Razer Gold
  • Log in to your account or create a new Razer ID by clicking Log IN
  • After successful authorization in the top menu, hover over Gold and select Reload
  • If you haven't created a Wallet yet, specify the Others region, the wallet currency will be USD
  • To top up your balance, select the Razer Gold Pin and enter the purchased code in the Pin or Voucher Code field below. Click Next.
  • Wallet balance will be topped up successfully

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