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Buy 4350 coins Apex (PC)

Code for Origin

You can buy 4350 Apex Coins to buy different items in the Apex Legends game.

You can spend coins in the Featured section of the game store. You can buy clothes, skins, weapons, and even unlock new unique characters. Sometimes in the Featured section, you can find rare items that are only available in Apex Pack sets. But while they’re in the store, you can buy them for in-game currency. Any goods in the store are only available for 7 days. The list of products is updated every week.

In addition to clothes and weapons, you can also buy Apex Pack loot boxes. Each set costs 100 Apex coins. There are three random game items in the loot boxes. 100% chance of getting a rare item, 25% of getting Epic, and 7.5% Legendary.

How activate Apex Coins PC

  • Install the Origin client on your PC
  • Sign in with an EA Account (make sure you're signed in to the EA account you want to redeem your code for).
  • Open the Origin menu.
  • Select Redeem Product Code

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