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You can use Skype vouchers for accounts of any country. They don’t have any restrictions.

If your account contains currency other than the currency of the voucher, the credited amount will be converted at the current rate. Depending on the current exchange rate, the amount may vary.

You can buy Skype vouchers with a value of $10, 25, and 50.

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Skype Vouchers

  • Buy online.
  • The voucher is a unique code consisting of different letters and numbers. You can top up your Skype account balance, call mobile and landline phone numbers with this code.

    With Skype vouchers, you can make cheap calls anywhere in the world. After payment, you will immediately get access to the voucher. A letter will be sent to the email address you specified, where you will find the voucher activation code.

    You can also buy a Skype gift card for your friends and family to stay in touch with them. With these vouchers, you can quickly and conveniently top up your balance. You won’t even need to link your credit card to do that.

  • Original vouchers.
  • By buying Skype vouchers from us, you can be sure of their originality. We only sell officialy licensed goods that you will never have any problems with.

    Skype vouchers don’t have an expiration date. You will be able to use them whenever you want, at any time.