PlayStation Network (PSN) $10 US
Playstation Network Cards US, for accounts with the US region. Use PSN US payment cards for purchases in Playstation Store US.
PSN Gift Card for US region account only.

PlayStation Network (PSN) $10 US


Buy Playstation Network Card $10 US

PSN Gift Card for US Region Account.

$10 PSN Gift card to top up your Playstation Network United States account. The PSN card can be used to make purchases in the Playstatation Store US.

A gift card is indispensable for making great purchases in the Playstation Store during the period when it is not possible to use cards for the Russia region (note in terms of sanctions).

PlayStation Gift Cards unlock the full potential of PlayStation Network, the digital one-stop shop for the latest content

With a gift card you can:

  • Purchase game content, games, add-ons for any game console.
  • Improve the gameplay of your favorite games, get rewards, weapons, cups, coins, ammunition.
  • Upgrade your favorite heroes.
  • Follow updates, rate blogs and multiplayer.
  • Enjoy a variety of multimedia content whenever you want.
  • Purchased content can be accessed via Playstation 5, PlayStation 4/Pro, PlayStation 3, PS Vita or PSP.

    PSN US Cards are region-restricted and can only be used if the country in the account is set to USA, wallet currency is USD. If your account is set to Russia or the United Kingdom, you can fund your account using Playstation Russia or Playstation UK

    How activate PSN Gift Card 

    • Go to Log in to your Playstation Store account.
    • Select "Redeem Prepaid Card" on the home page, or go to the Account tab and then select the "Redeem Prepaid Card" link on the left.
    • Enter your unique code and select Continue.

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