PSN £15 UK
Playstation Network UK payment cards are for purchases in the Playstation Store UK.
PSN Gift Card for United Kingdom(UK) region account.

PSN £15 UK

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Buy Playstation Network Card £15 UK

£15 Playstation Gift payment card to top up your account balance in the United Kingdom region. The PSN Card can be used to make purchases at the Playstatation Store UK.

PSN UK Cards are region-restricted and can only be used if the country is set to United Kingdom in the account settings, and the wallet currency is Pound Sterling. If your account is in the country Russia or United States, you can top up your account using cards Playstation Russia or < a href="" >PSN Gift Cards US

How activate PSN Gift Card

  • Go to Log in to your Playstation Store account.
  • Select "Redeem Prepaid Card" on the home page or go to the Account tab and then select the "Redeem Prepaid Card" link on the left.
  • Enter your unique code and click Redeem.

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