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EA Play Origin subscription is a unique opportunity for PC users to plunge into the world of exciting online games, and fully enjoy interesting game stories and quality gameplay.

You can buy an EA Play Origin subscription for 1 or 12 months.

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EA Play Origin subscription capabilities

  • A unique collection of games.
  • With an EA Play subscription, you get access to a huge collection of games. All available games are collected in The Play List. This catalog is constantly updated, so you will definitely find games that you’ll like. Battlefield, FIFA, Dragon Age, The Sims, and other famous games and game series are already available for users.

  • Trial periods.
  • One of the main benefits of the EA Play Origin subscription is the opportunity to play new games 10 hours before their official release. The game progress of the trial period will remain; you will be able to restore it after purchasing the game.

  • Discounts for users.
  • After activating the subscription, users automatically get a 10% discount. It applies to full versions of games, additions, extensions, points sets, and other digital content.

  • New impressions.
  • Users with an EA Play Origin subscription have access to unique gaming challenges and rewards; special content available only to subscribers. With this subscription, you can take a fresh look at familiar games, see previously unavailable features and fully enjoy the gameplay.